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A business owner’s best friend

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  • August 15, 2022
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Who or what is a business owner’s best friend? The thing you can’t live without? We got thinking about this a little bit as August is the month that hosts national Friendship Day.
For many of us, friends are vital supporters in our business lives. Without their steadfast support, we just wouldn’t have been able to get our businesses off the ground – or had the energy to give those businesses sticking power. For those friends, we’ll be forever grateful.
But what about those unsung friends of the business owner? The lesser known tools or advisors who can get you out of a scrape? Today, we’re celebrating those.

Friend number 1 – Networking

Sometimes networking gets a bad wrap because if it’s done in the wrong way then it can feel like a bit of a waste of time. It’s time to stop thinking about networking as taking yourself away from your work day to have “a coffee and a chat,” or even as a way to find customers.
Obviously, both of those things are likely to be part of a networking situation, but to focus on those things devalues it. Networking should always be about building a peer group of other business owners around you. People that you can trust to bounce an opinion off of, or go to for some advice.
There is no job in the world quite like that of a business owner, so it’s good to know where you can turn to for advice if it’s needed.

Friends number 2 – Technology

You knew it was going to be on this list, didn’t you?
It seems impossible that in 2022 we could have a list of friends of business owners and for it to not include technology. Technology seems to permeate every part of our lives these days, and that includes business.
Whether the tech that helps is your operating system, specific graphic design tools that are a vital part of your offering, invoicing tools, or anything in between – we’re willing to bet that there is a piece of technology that your business just couldn’t live without.
This leads us on nicely to…

Friend number 3 – Your IT team

You probably expected this one too, but it is true – your IT team should definitely be a friend to your business. As we said above, there is so much technology involved in businesses these days, there will be without a doubt something that you’re just not able to live without. But on top of that, if you can’t live without that tool then you’ll need someone in place who can keep the show on the road come what may.
That is where your IT team comes in. Regardless of whether you use in-house IT or outsource to a company like Webby Tech – you need to be able to trust that whoever is looking after your IT is a friend to your business. These are the people that will keep your software and security up to date, so you can spend the time on the stuff you’re great at.
If you don’t have someone in place to support your IT currently, take a look at how Webby Tech and support you here, or contact us directly for a no obligations conversation today.