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Protect your infrastructure

Our expert network security team are on hand to protect you and your infrastructure from an ever-increasing menagerie of security threats. At present, you can face attacks from spyware, spam, worms, viruses and network intrusion, to name but a few of them. The fact is, this list is only going to get longer and your business needs to be able to keep them out to remain effective.

We recommend and install the most advanced defences, including:

Managed Firewalls
Managed Email security
Spam Management
Web filtering
Managed Antivirus

Managed Antivirus

Protect your infrastructure with our Managed Antivirus Solution – ESET Antivirus. Configured to be used on all of your company devices simply and easily from a central dashboard interface, our managed Antivirus service keeps you protected. In a modern world of ever more sophisticated threats to your infrastructure, safeguarding your business has become more and more important.

Blended Security Dangers

Blended security threats are now rightly perceived as a huge challenge that needs to be overcome. The answer to those dangers?…Unified Threat Management solutions are the only way to consistently combat them and combat them you must!  Webbytech provide a range of managed security services that are created to:

  • Lower your network security overheads by using our industry expertise
  • Reduce the burden of security admin on your IT department
  • Improve your overall security
Next Generation Firewall

A Next Generation Firewall combines all the benefits of a traditional firewall with the addition of application level filtering using deep packet inspection and intrusion prevention. The goal of next generation firewalls is to improve filtering of network traffic by inspecting packet contents thus capturing threats before they enter your network.

  1. Application Visibility and Application Control – Application level control allows you to set policies depending on the user and the application. For example: You can block Facebook Chat completely, without blocking Facebook. Or, allow someone to look at Facebook, but not post updates to it. The next generation firewall does this in its stride.
  2. Threat Prevention – The Next Generation Firewall can limit traffic to only approved applications, thereby avoiding risks from unnecessary applications. A byproduct of this is also reduced bandwidth consumption from unnecessary traffic. The Next Gen Firewall can also scan “good” applications for a wide variety of threats, even confidential data leaks
  3. Simplify Security Infrastructure – At the end of the day, having all these extra devices that constantly need updates and monitoring will not make your network any more secure. The next generation firewall has anti-virus, spam filtering, deep packet inspection, application control and much more.

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