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Keeping your work safe and secure

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  • November 17, 2020
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Keeping your work safe and secure should be an important consideration for all businesses. Yes, you might not be working on top-secret projects, but as a minimum, you will have your own usernames and passwords to protect. More likely than not you’ll also have details about clients too.

There are a couple of ways that you can ensure your machine is protected – but today we’re going to be focusing on antivirus. What is it, why is it important and the options available to you as a consumer?

What is antivirus?

In a nutshell, antivirus is software that can help to protect your computer from dangerous malware (malicious software) or cybercrime. It monitors the behaviour of the programmes running on your computer and can spot suspicious behaviour.

The types of tasks that antivirus can perform to identify this behaviour includes:

  • Automatically scanning your device (either specific files or the whole computer)
  • Deleting malicious codes and software
  • Confirming your computer and other devices are safe to use

Ultimately, antivirus seeks to stop and remove any trace of malicious programmes on your computer as quickly as possible.

Why is it important?

The simple answer to why antivirus is important is because it keeps you, your business and your clients safe.

But many people still as the question, “is antivirus really necessary in 2020?”

The simple answer is yes, even with developments in technology and some concerns about the security of antivirus app – there is no reason that is compelling as to why antivirus protection should not be used.

Cybercrimes account for trillions of dollars in losses, there is a ransomware attack every 14 seconds, and cybercrime is quickly becoming more profitable than the illegal drug trade (cybercrime statistics reported from websitehostingrating.com). There is more cybercrime taking place today than ever before.

But beyond this, positive reasons to use antivirus are because it can increase the lifespan of your computer – by keeping it clear of corrupting malware, and has the potential to protect your professional reputation too. There are many viruses that attempt to hijack your desktop email program in order to send out an unsolicited email to your contacts – and these can be an annoyance and best and damaging you’re your reputation at their very worst.

The options available to you

So, with all of that in mind, what are the options available to you?

At WebbyTech, we have a number of different solutions on how we deliver antivirus support to our clients. These solutions include:

 Managed Antivirus

A managed Antivirus Solution is a great way to protect your IT infrastructure. Its easy to configure and can be used on all company devices from one central dashboard.

 Blended Security Dangers

Blended security threats are now rightly perceived as a huge challenge that needs to be overcome. Unified Threat Management solutions are the only way to consistently combat and we provide a range of managed security services that are created to:

  • Lower your network security overheads by using our industry expertise
  • Reduce the burden of security admin on your IT department
  • Improve your overall security

 Next-Generation Firewall

A Next-Generation Firewall combines all the benefits of a traditional firewall with the addition of application-level filtering using deep packet inspection and intrusion prevention. You can set policies for applications depending on the user and the application and can give you the ability to limit traffic to only approved applications.

Keeping our clients safe and secure is an important part of the work that we do here at WebbyTech. For more details about the antivirus support we offer click here.