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Automate your business – top tips and tricks

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  • August 03, 2022
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You won’t be the only small business owner reading this in need of a rest. Especially after the last couple of years, anyone who is able to seems to be making the most of the summer to take some much-deserved holiday.

But if you’re like any of the small business owners we know, taking time away from your business won’t always sit well with you (even though it is needed to be able to operate at a top level).
Today, we talk about some of the tools that you can use to put your mind at rest. These are some of our favourite automation tips and tricks to keep your business moving whilst you’re on holiday.
These won’t run your business for you but should give you the peace of mind that you won’t come back to a mess when you get back… and then need another holiday to get over the clean-up.
Automate your business and you’ll never look back.


The lifeblood of a business is cash flow, making sure that money is coming in means that you can be reassured that you’ll be able to meet your obligations.
The challenge is that invoicing can be a big job and one that needs to be done repeatedly at the end of every month.
One of the easiest ways to tackle this is to invest in some invoicing software – there are plenty of them available now, from popular names like Quickbooks or Xero to smaller applications. You will be able to find a solution that fits your needs.
Regardless of what you choose, you’ll be able to automate your invoicing process and even chase emails for late payment – taking a large admin job off your plate.

Email automation

On the subject of taking large admin jobs off your plate – you should also lean heavily into email automation – this is particularly true if you do a lot of customer service, or have very similar orders that need to be fulfilled on a regular basis.
Setting up email templates to at least cover frequently asked questions can help to buy you a little bit of time. Perfect if you’re away for a few days – or even if you’re taking a longer break it will mean not having to check your emails every single day.
If you’d be interested in more tricks and tips on this, we discussed it in more depth in a previous blog.

Outsourced IT

One major final thing you can do to automate your business is to fully shift away from doing things that aren’t your specialism and get in good people to help you.
If you’re not an IT professional, there is no good reason for you to be managing your own IT. Lean into specialists, they give you such peace of mind and really allow you the headspace to switch off and recharge. I mean, this is why we all use specialists like accountants and lawyers, rather than doing it ourselves right?
Learn more about why this is a great move for your business here.
These are just a few ideas about how you can start to automate your business. If you’re ready to take a break but want to ensure you aren’t leaving your business in the lurch talk to Webby Tech. We have a host of IT tools and services we can put in place to help you build your business.
Find out about the services we offer here, or contact us directly.