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Autumn projects for your business

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  • August 18, 2023
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As we find ourselves moving into autumn, this creates an interesting point for business. For many of us, this will be the halfway point in the financial year, a good point to take stock of where you are and what adjustments (if any) are needed to hit your targets.

It’s also likely that you’ve come back from some holiday, or downtime, in the summer so you will be ready to get stuck into something a bit bigger to push things forward over the next few months.
We’ve discussed before the benefits of doing a spring clean at this time of year. These other suggestions are very much in this bracket as well. Things you can do now, that your future business-owning self will thank you for.

Review processes and procedures

One job that all of us put off too frequently is the review of processes and procedures in our businesses. This can range all the way from HR issues like, how do we onboard staff, all the way to more practical IT issues such as what to do in a data breach or how to recover lost files.
The important thing to remember when approaching your review of processes is that they don’t all have to be reviewed at once. Break down what’s in front of you and do them one at a time. It’s better to have an achievable plan than start hammer and tongs only to fizzle out.

Review the data you hold

We’ve said it before and we will say it again. The data you hold is the life blood of your business. But with this comes lots of responsibility, to yourself and your customers, to hold onto that data safely and securely.
It is prudent to review the data that you hold, why you hold it, how you hold it and if all of it is strictly necessary to ensure you are compliant with the relevant legislation. If you’re unsure how to start this process you can find out more information here.

Review the IT hardware and software you require

Finally it’s worth reviewing the IT software and hardware you require to run your business. As you’ll know, businesses develop and change over time. Doing a stock take of who needs what is a helpful thing to go through periodically.
It’s also useful to think about who might need access to something in the coming months, or if you’re planning on expanding. Making sure you have the equipment in place ahead of time can be really useful to smooth people into new work.
If any of these areas have sparked thoughts in your head, or you feel that you could use some specific additional support, WebbyTech are here to help.
We have years of experience supporting businesses with all manner of IT challenges. See the full range of services we off here, or organise a no obligations conversation with us today.