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Business processes to freshen up in Spring

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  • May 05, 2023
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With all of the bank holidays that are occurring this May, it seems like the perfect time for a busy business owner to grab a few hours and focus on the business. By this, we aren’t talking about the actual day-to-day work that you do, but the processes that underpin and improve that work.
There is no perfect time to work on your business (but working on it is much better than not). However, now we’re well into Spring it is as good a time as any to look at freshening up processes in your business.
We have picked four processes that we think often get overlooked. Here are a few ideas of what we think you could freshen up for Spring.


Now we are into the new financial year (more on that shortly), you might be looking to hire more people into your business to drive you forward. As part of that it’s a good opportunity to look at your onboarding process and see how it can be smoothed out and improved.
What equipment will your new start need? Is it available for them? What programs will they need access to? If you can answer these questions before they start in the role then you’re already putting in place a process to set them up for success.

Data management

If you are still a little behind the curve when it comes to data management, now is Business processes to freshen up in Springgood a time as any to improve how you handle and process it.
We’ve written before about the ways to improve the data processes in your business. One of the best jobs to do is to hold a data audit and really understand what data you hold and why.
Obviously there is also then making sure that you’re keeping it safe and secure using good storage options and super strong passwords.


With the start of a new financial year comes the opportunity to put in place new systems and practices that will improve how you, invoice, track expenses and keep track of your finances as a whole. Now that the mad rush of the March / April year end is over its actually the perfect time to start putting in place new systems.
If you’re looking to improve your financial processes, you can’t go wrong with investing in accounting software. If you aren’t already using one you’ll be surprised by how much time and energy that it can save. Especially if you have regular clients and customers it can really help with our final tip.


You will probably be aware that it is much easier, and cheaper, to keep an existing client than it is to go out and find a new one. With existing clients you’ve already built up a level of trust and work relationship and hopefully they value the quality of your work.
How can you automate retention, or improve your systems around it? Part of that could come from the previously mentioned finance processes – automating invoices for services provided month to month. If you don’t provide regular repeat services but do have a repeat customer base – think about how you can keep in regular contact with them for example with an email newsletter. This will keep you top of mind for when they need you again.
Obviously, this is not an exhaustive list. If you’ve been inspired by our tips on business processes to improve in Spring and you’d like to understand how this can apply to all of your IT processes, WebbyTech are here to help.
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