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Can good IT improve your customer service?

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  • August 30, 2023
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Do you think that you could improve the customer service in your business using IT? It sounds counterintuitive, but is it really? There are plenty of ways that we rely on computer systems to make our businesses run more smoothly, why not the relationships with our customers?
Now there are clearly jobs that computers can’t do, such as those initial conversations with clients, understanding their needs and closing the sale. But if you employed the use of computer systems to automate later touch points, checking in, reordering and so forth, that frees you up for more of the non computer based requirements.
Here are just three ways that we think that customer service can be improved by the use of some IT systems.

You will be better organised

By utilising computer systems, such as CRMs, marketing software or even a robut spreadsheet, you will immediately be in a stronger position than keeping information about your customers in a notebook – or worse – in your head.
Using these types of organisational systems mean that you (and your team) will be better equipped to access data about your customers and answer questions more readily. Importantly, it stops any one person becoming a bottle neck in the business.
Secondly it will help everyone to identify important touch points with the customer, such as when to ask for a review, when to check if they need more stock and so on. Know this information with help you with our next point.

It will help automate customer touch points

Once you’ve been able to understand where the customer touch points are in your business, you can start thinking about which ones could be automated. This comes with the obvious caveat as noted above on being clear on which customer service tasks are for people, and which can be fulfilled by software or automation.
This being said, if you have multiple touch points for your customers set out in a CRM and either automated emails and text ready to go – or a prompt for you to pick up the phone – then the whole customer experience will be better. And none of those touch points will exist in your head.

It will help you understand the snags

The flip side of identifying the touch points for customers in your business is that it can help you understand snags. Even better, being aware of the snags can help you to and fix them.
Once you have taken the steps to automate what you can around customee service it will free up head space for you. This gives you time and space to be on the lookout for continuous improvements, and therefore incrementally improve the customer service in your business.
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