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Common IT improvements that can be made in a tea break

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  • April 18, 2024
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A recent running theme here is thinking about how you can make improvements to your IT when you have constraints on your time. We recently wrote about how business owners make use of Bank Holidays to get ahead, but do you actually need a full day?
Well the simple answer is no. All you need to make IT improvements to your business is a small amount of time. Just making use of a tea break between two bigger pieces of work might be enough.
Now it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to use a teabreak to do staff training, or upgrade your entire IT suite, but there are definitely smaller jobs that can┬ábe done that will help. Let’s dive in.

Switch it off and on again

Switching a computer off and on again is a well worn IT cliche, but it’s well worn for a reason. Our blog about switching computers off and on again is also one of the most popular we’ve ever written. Why is it well worn? Because it works and is really helpful.
If your computer is running slowly or not doing the things it should be, switch it off for a short time before booting it up again. This can get rid of some things running in the background you weren’t even aware of making your computer run sub optimally.
Additionally, when you switch off or restart a computer it gives a good opportunity to update software which can help the machine run better and also provide an opportunity to update protections against malware and viruses.
Many of us are guilty of simply putting our machine in sleep mode when we’re done with it for the day – take the time to switch it off over the course of your tea break.

Run a data back up

Data is the life blood of a business, so you will want to do your utmost to protect your data and any customer data that you have access to. Helpfully, most cloud based IT systems now will have some sort of backup facility so that this can happen in the background as you’re working and you can be safe in the knowledge everything is secure and as it should be.
To add an additional layer of security and comfort you may wish to do an additional backup of data to a location off site. Getting this started is usually straightforward if you have clear IT processes and procedures. Whilst the backup might not complete in the space of a tea break, it can be started in one.

Book a consultation

If you’ve made a start on the above and you’re ready to make bigger improvements in your IT, WebbyTech is here to help. You can see the full range of IT services offered here, or you can book a no obligations conversation with us here.
Helpfully, both reviewing the IT services page and giving us a call or an email can be done in a matter of minutes – so definitely tasks that can fit within the tea break parameters.
Oh and whilst you’re at it, this is a friendly reminder that you can use your tea break as an opportunity to change your password.