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How to access the internet when yours cuts out?

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  • March 17, 2022
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Arguably, this is the pinnacle¬†of first world problems. Your internet cutting out when you’ve got important work to do and deadlines to meet. As a minimum, this is really frustrating – depending on the circumstances it could have an impact on your business.
With that being said there are things that you can do to keep you on track even when the internet goes out.
Whilst we’d always point to switching the router off and then on again as the first course of action, sometimes that just doesn’t work out. Here are a few of the best tips and tricks to have in your back pocket.

Make Friends with a Neighbour / Go out for coffee

In the event that your internet drops out for a sustained period of time, this really is one of the easiest ways to try and get yourself up and running again quickly. Either make friends with a neighbour or get yourself out of the office for coffee.
Most chain coffee shops these days have public WiFi that you can access and use for free (if you’re a paying customer). We’ve even heard of some digital businesses basing themselves from coffee shops!
Alternatively, if the run down to the coffee shop is too far and your online task too urgent, it might be worth making friends with a neighbour to see if you can temporality jump on their WiFi to complete the task.
It goes without saying that when using other peoples networks, be respectful of how long you’re going to be using it for. Also, be aware that the network may be public (especially if you’re working in a coffee shop) so make sure your security is in a good place.

Get a backup dongle

Certainly something to look into if you have have more regular connectivity problems, and also if you tend to travel for work, is getting hold of a WiFi dongle.
These bits of tech have become much more widely available over recent years and are now available in 5G. If you’re in a bit of a WiFi pinch and you have one of these in your back pocket then you’re going to be able to resolve that problem quickly.
Given that they work on mobile signals rather than the broadband you would be using day to day, it shouldn’t be impacted if its your office internet causing the problem.

Get a backup line

A similar alternative to getting a backup dongle if you’re more office based is to get yourself a backup broadband line. In a lot of cases it isn’t very expensive to rent an additional line.
You probably won’t want to get another line that is as fast as your main internet, but it should be looked at as an insurance policy. Hopefully one you don’t have to use.
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