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How to increase your productivity by changing your work environment

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  • February 24, 2023
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An underestimated factor in how productive we are at work is the environment we find ourselves working in.

Think back to the pandemic when  we were all forced to work from home. Some of us thrived whilst others floundered. Subsequently there has been a mixed reaction from businesses to hybrid working ever since.
It is probably inevitable that the environment people are working in is a key factor in how productive they are with their work. However there are some tech solutions that can improve productivity regardless of being in the home or office.
Here are our tips.

Your environment

Before focusing on tools that can improve your productivity let’s focus on the basics, your environment. It’s always helpful to try and ensure your workplace is a specific and designated place – somewhere that you can go into and be in the work zone. It could be a home office, spare room or even a specific desk or table.
Try to keep things tidy. A lack of clutter does help to improve your clarity of thought. Try to keep the work surface clear, and papers (if you still use them) filed – this also extends to your digital desktop.

Calendar and scheduling tools

The best way to keep on top of how productive you are with your time is to keep a track of it. This is now easier to do with the myriad of calendar and scheduling tools at our disposal.
We’ve written before about the benefits of online scheduling tools, but they are really handy. Use them to block out specific times in your day for specific tasks that you can batch together and get done more efficiently.

Using data well

The use of data, where possible, is another area that can help you to get more done. This can be as simple as making sure you’re using collaborative tools which will save updates – allowing you to work more effectively with colleagues.
It also means keeping both your physical and digital files well stored so you can easily access them in a pinch. Anything that keeps you in flow and doesn’t slow you down is a bonus.

Keeping things up to date

Keeping both hardware and software up to date will make sure that you are getting things done more productively in the long run. After all, no one likes to get stopped mid-flow by the blue screen of death.
Ensuring all of your software is up to date will mean that you are using the fasted and most efficient tool for the job. Equally, newer laptops or smartphones will be usually able to process things more quickly. This doesn’t mean to need to replace them every year, but it’s worth thinking about updating if you notice them slowing you down.
Whilst we can’t remodel you a more productive office space, we can help with all of the IT tools to improve your productivity.
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