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How to keep your business on the road in Winter

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  • November 16, 2023
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Earlier this month you might have noticed that there was an outage of Microsoft products. Understandably its incredibly frustrating when this happens, especially as it is a problem outside of your control.

Given the greater and greater reliance that most jobs have on a degree of IT, problems like this pose the risk of creating a much bigger productivity problem with people not able to access or continue their work.
We’ve written before about the considerable impact that heat can have on the technology you use but at the other end of the spectrum adverse winter weather, especially wind can slow down your business plans.
Here are our tips and recommendations to keep you on track.

Use cloud based software and backup

Hopefully for regular readers of this blog, no one will be surprised at the advice we’re offering here. All of these options focus on making sure you’re keeping the data that’s important to you and your business backed up and accessible.
The first thing to do is ensure that you’re using a cloud based operating system like Microsoft 365. This means that all of your important documents will be saved to Sharepoint and can be accessed so long as you have an Internet connection.
Separately to your operating system you may want to think about how frequently you do a full backup of the data you hold – and where that data is located. Which brings us on to…

Have a recovery plan

This will be intertwined with your data backup, but you will want to make sure that if you do have an issue that you can access that saved data quickly and get working again as smoothly as possible. You may wish to have some pre prepared communications saved to go out to customers advising them of the situation and how it might impact them.
If you don’t have a recovery plan yet or aren’t even sure where to start pulling one together you can find out more here.

What if you can’t get into the office?

Whilst unlikely, it isn’t inconceivable that winter weather such as snow or a storm might restrict you from accessing your primary office.
Helpfully if you’ve followed the first two pointers in this blog them you should be well on the way to putting in place what you need to ensure business can continue as usual. It might be worth double checking with your team that everyone has the right kit available to work remotely, and filling any gaps if they’re identified.
If this has sparked a thought that you could be better placed in protecting your business over winter, Webby Tech is here to help. Learn more about the range of services we offer here, or contact us directly for a no obligations conversation.