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How to know when its time to start outsourcing your IT

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  • March 09, 2023
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For many small business owners, growing that business is a serious aim and ambition.
If you’re successful with your goal there will come a time when you need to think about what work your business does. Not the bread-and-butter work that has been the bedrock of your success. We’re talking about the work that goes on to make the other work happen.
The necessary admin of running a business.
Obviously one of those considerations will be how to utilise an IT system. Good IT processes can be the difference between smooth sailing and snagging on the rocks. How do you know when it’s time to start outsourcing your IT? Look out for these signs.

When you need to focus on building your core team

The most important factor in business success is focus. You have likely gone into business to work in an area that you specialise in. The way to build that business is to focus on building your core team and support that will allow you to deliver this work for clients.
If you find yourself getting to a point where you haven’t fully developed your core business offering, but are trying to build an IT department – stop. This isn’t necessary and worse it’s a distraction. Yes, good IT practices can make your business more efficient but this doesn’t have to be delivered in-house.
A good partnership with a managed IT firm will allow you to be more efficient and will end up being much cheaper too.

When you’re in the tricky middle spot

Thinking about when you might fall into the trap of wanting to build an in-house IT department, it’s often when your business gets to a tricky middle size.
What we mean when we’re saying tricky middle size is that the business is too big to not take IT seriously but too small to justify having its own IT department. In reality, most SMEs that employ anyone other than a sole owner-operator fall into this bracket.
If you recognise this as true of your own business, it’s worth thinking about whether outsourcing your IT will help you.

Thinking about it is taking up too much headspace

Ultimately it is likely that you went into business because you are a particular specialist in one area (and if you aren’t a specialist in IT, it’s very unlikely that you’re running an IT business). Like a lot of admin associated with running a business, there will be a time when IT is taking up too much of your headspace.
You would hire an accountant if you’re spending too much time thinking about accounts. If you’re spending too much of your time thinking about your IT problems, it’s time to bring in an IT professional.
Hiring a specialist takes things off your plate, and ultimately puts you into a much stronger position as you get to focus your time on the things you’re good at.
If you’ve found that any of the signs discussed above apply to you and you think your business would benefit from looking at our managed IT solutions – contact us today. WebbyTech is an award-winning IT company working with businesses across the southeast. Learn more about the services we offer here.