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How to manage IT across summer holidays

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  • May 30, 2024
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The summer can be a tricky time for lots of businesses. For many it is a naturally slower time of year because clients, customers and people within the business are all taking a much needed break.
Whilst the natural slow down is good for us, it lets us recharge our batteries and come back with greater energy and ideas, it can have its challenges.
Particularly for a small business, where skill sets and responsibilities are clustered into a small number of individuals. Tackling issues when they arrise can be a problem. Today we look at three ways IT can be managed more effectively across the summer holidays.
Lets dive in.

Get the urgent updates done now

You will be familiar that there are plenty of updates that are required with your IT. It’s important that these are done as they keep your systems running efficiently. They also help to keep your systems safe from malware and viruses.

Often these updates don’t take long, but they are the sort of thing that can get put off and put off. Make sure that you keep your IT systems safe, secure and running well by prioritising getting updates done now – before people are in and out over summer.

Build team resilience with training

As alluded to above, team members will be in and out over the summer taking leave and holiday. This can be a particular challenge for small businesses as skill sets can be concentrated in one or two people.
With this challenge in mind its helpful to use some of your time ahead of summer building resilience for when key team members are away. Put in some formal and informal training sessions which will help other team members to understand IT problems that are usually tackled in house.

Outsource what you can (including your headaches)

If building resilience within your team is a challenge, it might be worth thinking about alternative routes to tackle those IT challenges. One of those we have looked at recently, in the form of outsourcing your IT. Rather than having to worry about who has the skill set in house to deal with problems as they arise, you could outsource your IT to dedicated professionals, who will always have someone on hand to tackle a problem when it comes up.
┬áLike the above, if you’re concerned about key people being away over the summer, now is the perfect time to think about how you resolve that issue. Grab some time now to map out what could be outsourced and what you want to keep a hold of. If nothing else, you might end up getting rid of one of your biggest headaches.
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