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How to update your tech when heading back to school or the office

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  • September 21, 2023
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It will come as a surprise to no one that we’ve suddenly found ourselves slipping from summer to autumn. Readers of this blog will likely be very firmly returning to the office after summer holidays and may even have children that have returned to school or university.
We often find that the start of September is a busy time for lots of people – specifically because there is so much going on. With this business it is possible to lose track of the opportunity to set yourself up for success over the autumn months.
This is very much the aim of this week’s blog. Read on for our highlights of IT issues to attend to as autumn begins.

Update your hardware

Now to start with, we aren’t saying go out and buy a new laptop. But it makes sense to take a quick stock take of the hardware that you’re going to need for the coming year and ensure that what you have is up to the task.
Remember that hardware extends beyond laptops and can include scanners, printers, external hard drives and more. Only you will really be aware of your overall needs. It’s worth taking an our or two to map out what you think you need and ensure everything you have is up to spec, before getting a nasty surprise.

Invest in the right software

Whilst thinking about the hardware you will use, it is also sensible to plan your software needs. This will broadly fall into two camps.
Your operating system, which for most people will be Windows. This should ensure that you have access to all the commonly used work applications such as word and excel. It’s worth ensuring that you’re using a version that will store your documents on the cloud for easy collaboration and access in the event of hardware malfunction.
On the subject of malfunction, you should also ensure that you have adequate anti virus protection installed onto your machine.

How will you solve IT problems if they occur?

Even with the planning and preparation you have put in, it is possible for things to go wrong. It’s worth familiarising yourself with your in-house IT support processes if you attend a school or university. This is equally applicable if you have a business, as a huge amount of productive time is lost each year to IT issues.
You never know, it might be as simple as switching it off and on again. But if it isn’t, it’s best to call in an expert.
If any of the above points have struck a chord and you’re unsure of how to start addressing them, Webby Tech are here to help. Check out the full range of IT services that we offer here, or contact us directly for a no obligations conversation.