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How to use a Bank Holiday as a business owner

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  • April 05, 2024
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With a Bank Holiday just passed and two more Spring Bank Holidays not being far away, it got us thinking about how these long weekends can best be used by business owners.
Naturally the temptation is to plough on as normal (if you do need to work across them) but given that they are days that other people aren’t working there are actually a few things that you could focus on that will help you get ahead of the curve.
Today we’ve detailed a few options that you could focus your time on for the next Bank Holiday that could seriously impact your business. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but think about the important but non urgent tasks on your list and focus you time on those.

Review the year to date and update plans

You might be surprised that the first quarter of the year is now over. Its actually a very good opportunity to sit down and review what has been successful over the first three months.
Not enough business owners sit down and review how plans are going until the end of the year. At this point it’s too late to adjust your plan and make improvements as you’re going along.
Spend some of your Bank Holiday thinking about how you can adapt any plans to do more of what is successful and less of what isn’t.

Software and password updates

If you want a bank holiday task that won’t take long, or that you can start off and leave running in the back ground, software updates might be the one to pick. It’s a vital but very simple part of making sure that your equipment is running efficiently and with appropriate security.
Whilst you’re at it, it would be sensible to do an audit of passwords that you regularly use and take some time to update them to add that additional layer of security. You might even be tempted to utilise a password manager to make the task even easier.

Rest and recuperate

We’ve met plenty of business owners that will work all the hours they’re given. It makes sense when you’re responsible for the orders coming through the door – but can you really be performing at your best if you aren’t fully rested and sharp?
Undoubtedly the tasks detailed further up this article are important and if you find yourself with some spare time, it can help helpful to get on top of them. But if you’re just piling more work on because you have time to, it’ll impact you in the long run.
Whilst WebbyTech can help you with your rest and recuperation, we can help you with all your IT needs and challenges (which by extension will help you rest up by not having to worry about them).
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