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IT processes that can be automated in your business

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  • January 25, 2023
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When computers burst onto the scene they were all about making our lives easier. Chunking through the complex, repetitive and boring tasks as quickly as possible gives a human the space to think creatively and solve problems.
We are, after all, great problem solvers.
Over the last couple of decades, we have had to think about how to use computers to make them as efficient as possible for us. This in itself has been an additional problem to solve.
Helpfully, however, more and more IT processes are becoming automated. The automation of what can be automated is great news for business. Automation is all about removing thinking time and creating more space to deal with the biggest problems. The problems only a human brain can deal with.
We have written before about systems that should be automated in your business. Here are our suggestions on a couple of IT processes that you really shouldn’t have to think about and can be automated.

Automating Service Requests

For a business of any size, smooth running of IT is depended on service requests. Many of you reading this will be familiar with a service request – however – if you aren’t, it is essentially how you raise a ticket with your IT department to resolve any type of IT issue from requiring a new laptop to work from, all the way to being able to connect yourself to a printer.
Fortunately service requests can be easily automated, once they are logged they can be automatically asigned to an IT team member to action and complete.
Also, because of how easily this is can be automated, it can also be outsourced to an external IT provider. Taking these two things together there is the opportunity to really streamline your business IT when thinking about how service requests can be both automated and outsourced.

Automating Equipment Management

We touched briefly above on how service requests can be used for issues including need a new work device. Another area of IT that can be easily automated is equipment management within a business.
Helpfully, equipment management will be part of standard processes when onboarding new staff and as part of the exit criteria as well. (As an aside – looking at well-established and repeatable procedures is a great place to identify areas where processes can be automated).
Equipment management can be automated by developing a digital form that is associated between a new staff member and the equipment they are assigned. This then really speeds up the process when a staff member leaves as you should already have an up-to-date and automated list of equipment that they need to return.
Obviously, this isn’t an exhaustive list of ways that IT processes can be automated – but it has hopefully got you thinking. Inspired to improve your IT processes this year but don’t know where to start? WebbyTech are here to help.
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