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Keeping safe from Cyber Attacks

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  • March 04, 2022
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Someone once said it was a curse to live in interesting times. Or was it a blessing? No matter, if you’ve seen anything going on in the news the last few weeks it’s clear that said times are upon us.

An area of concern that is getting spoken a lot about in the news at the moment is the risk of cyber attacks. The risks to businesses will vary based on the size and type of organisation you are.
However, regardless of the type of business you are there are some basic rules to follow to protect your business from cyber attacks.

Before we dive into a few ways to protect yourself and your business from cyber attacks, remember that they can take many forms – here is just a range of some of the most problematics ones which we wrote about in a previous blog.

Staff Training

Good staff training is your first line of defence for ensuring your business is protected from cyber attackers. They are the ones who will be using your systems every day, and are subsequently going to be the people most at risk of inadvertently letting an attacker through the door.
There are many good training courses that you can sign staff up to, so they are aware of common risks and how to mitigate them. Even if you don’t have immediate training budget, just some reading around the subject from reputable blogs can be helpful.

Strong Passwords

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, setting up high quality passwords or using a password saving app tangibly positive thing that you can do to ensure that your work and data remains safe and secure.
We’ve written a previous blog on top tips for setting really strong passwords (hint, capitals, numbers, special characters… make sure you’re using them all!) which you should read as a starting point.
As mentioned above, password apps can be a life saver as well. Particularly if you’re guilty of using the same password over and over, its worth looking at one of these – pick a strong password you can remember, and let the app do the rest of the work.

Good Anti-Malware

Finally, anti-malware is equally going to be important for keeping your information safe.
As much as training your staff and strong passwords do set up a good defence – sometimes human error lets things slip through. Simply clicking on the wrong link on an email that seems a little suspicious but you forget to double check, could be the thing that gives malicious access to your company data.
This makes anti-malware vital. Make sure you have it installed and make sure its up to date.
If after reading this you feel like the security processes you have put in place for your business could be more robust, get in touch with us to see how we can help improve your situation.
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