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Mac: Thought you were safe from viruses – think again!

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  • August 02, 2017
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With WikiLeak reporting last week that there are 3 CIA leaked hacking tools: Achilles, Aeris and SeaPea which target Mac and Linux it proves that no operating system is secure from virus attacks.  Achilles is a tool that facilitates trojanizing macOS DMG installers allowing a piggyback application to install along with your intended download.  Aeris is a malware aimed at POSIX systems and features specific data extraction utilities, usually used to steal information from targeted hosts via secure TLS-encrypted channels.  SeaPea is an OS X rootkit kernel-level malware that allows persistent infections on Mac computers between system reboots.

With the recent increase in ransomware it remains that everyone should be protecting their computers even if you thought Macs were safe!  WebbyTech use a cross platform market leading antivirus solution, which is monitored on our central console for your complete peace of mind, so if you need any help or advice in this area why not get in touch with our team today!