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New Years Resolutions to make for your business

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  • January 11, 2024
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Having now eased into 2024 as one would ease into a warm bath, it might be time to start looking at New Year’s resolutions for yourself and by extension your business.
Obviously, it is traditional to set these resolutions right at the start of the year – however, with the oddness and obligations that come between Christmas and New Year, sometimes it can make more sense to hold off a little bit before committing resolutions to paper. Which is why we are talking about them today.
We have separated these goals into three broad camps. Regardless of what stage your business is at there will undoubtedly be a broad camp that you identify with. Let’s dive in.

Growth goals

The first group of goals are what we would equate to being growth goals and are probably best focused on new businesses or businesses that are ready to take the next step in their growth.
Goals in this group would include putting particular targets on the number of new customers to acquire, or increasing the average customer value (so each customer that you have is spending more with you).

If your business is a more mature one then a new step growth goal could be looking to acquire another complimentary business – although always take the appropriate advice and do your due diligence if this is something you have planned.

Consolidation goals

Perhaps you’ve gone through a cycle of growth and it makes more sense for you to focus on consolidation this year. There is absolutely no shame in this and it actually makes more sense to secure your position after a period of growth rather than over-stretching yourself.
Consolidation goals can include improving the length of time that customers stay with you. It could also be looking across the customers and contracts you do have and aiming to standardise them over a period of time to make things more replicable.
All in all good consolidation goals often go hand in hand with…

Customer focused (or improvement) goals

We’ve called this last group customer-focused or improvement goals. This is all about improving the experience that your customers have with you, which in turn can lengthen the period of time that they are customers and will aid in consolidating your business.
Think about the current touch points you have with your customers, what are you doing to communicate with them and build relationships meaning they want to spend money with you? Is there any software that you can invest in to make this easier?
In many respects, focusing on customer goals in 2024 will aid both your growth and consolidation goals.
No matter what your goals are this year, one of them should be to improve how you’re using IT in your business. To that end, WebbyTech is here to help. See a full rundown of the services we offer here, or contact us for a no-obligations conversation.
Happy New Year and the best of luck planning for 2024.