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Pros and Cons of Cloud Solutions

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  • April 30, 2021
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Especially with more and more people working from home – the likelihood is that you will have heard about the cloud by now. However, what can be less clear is what the cloud actually is (is it really a cloud at all?) and the benefits that it can bring you in terms of how you work.

Today, we’ll provide a brief explanation of the cloud and some of the pros and cons that it can give your business.

What is the cloud?

Let’s clear up the obvious question first and foremost. Your data is not in a literal cloud. Nor is it in an ethereal nothingness, floating around in the sky. The cloud and the information that you store on it has got a physical home – specifically a network of servers that find the information you need and deliver it to you.

The cloud is specifically tied up with software and services that run on the internet, as opposed to those that run locally on your computer. The majority of cloud services can be accessed through a Web browser (such as Google Chrome), and some companies offer dedicated mobile apps.

There are some very well know examples of cloud services, which include Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, Apple iCloud and many, many more.

So, now we know what it is – what are some of the pros and cons about using this for your business?

The Pros:

Given the direction that the way we work has been going for a number of years now (accelerated in the last year), there are some significant pros to consider about using the cloud.

Firstly, it will enable you and your employees to work from anywhere. Obviously, right now this largely means working from home, but when things slowly get back to normal it will give you even more flexibility with your workforce.

Secondly, because of files being stored off of computers and in the cloud – making sure you’re able to securely back up your files is easier. It also means, because of not having to store files directly onto computer – you can get better quality computers for your staff at a relatively lower cost.

The Cons:

Unfortunately, there are a few downsides that you may come across when working with the cloud. The obvious one is that because all of your file storage is going to shift online, you will need a decent internet connection to work entirely from the cloud.

The other thing to consider is that it can be a bit of an adjustment if you’re new to working this way. It’s probably worth getting used to working independently from cloud saved documents before shifting to collaborating on documents in real-time.

But don’t let any of these cons put you off. We are personally big fans of the cloud, as are many of the clients that we work with. It’s clear that more and more people are going to be using it as a way to work after the changes of the past year.

If you want to know if Cloud Solutions are right for you and your business, find out more about the tools we can provide you here. Or if you would like to discuss your options with us in more detail – contact us here.