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Should your business be hibernating over winter?

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  • October 19, 2023
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We’ve all felt it, that chill in the air and it getting dark all of a sudden. I think it’s fair to say that winter is very much upon us.
For many this is the time to be slowing down, recharging and taking stock. Do not be one of the many.
With some parts of your business (depending on your sector) slowing down, this is the perfect time to look at your business and do a few things to give you the cutting edge come the new year.
Here are our top tips…

Rework your processes

Have a think back over the last few months, what’s worked well and what hasn’t? Think about how you onboard new customers, fulfill orders, complete tasks in your teams.
All of these are processes that can be looked at and improved. It’s might just be a matter of mapping out the tasks that are done to complete something and seeing if that can be more streamlined, or it could require a significant change or investment in your equipment.

Update and upgrade your equipment and software

After thinking about how your processes can be reworked, it’s likely that you may need to make some updates or upgrades to the equipment and software that you use.
The autumn can be a good time to do this, especially if you’re a business that has a natural lull at this point. More broadly, its worth thinking about when to do your updates so that they have minimal disruptions to your customer base. Whilst we’ve said autumn here, it will differ from business to business – so think about what works for you.

Plan for next year to be your best yet

The best way to have your best year in business yet is to start planning now. Yes, loads of people see planning as a job to do in the new year but what if you started now?
Developing a good plan can take a few weeks (conservative estimate) so it might be February or later by the time you’re implementing if you start on January 1st. If you do your planning for next year now, you can start implementing from day 1 or before, really getting the jump on competitors.
If you’re planning for next year to be your best business year yet, remember that WebbyTech are here to help.
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