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Spring Clean your Office – our top tips

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  • April 13, 2022
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It finally seems like spring has sprung in the UK, and with it you might feel a whole flush of energy towards tidying and organising. Spring cleaning is well-established idea for a reason after all.


In a previous blog, we wrote about the benefits of and how to spring clean your computer in five easy steps. If you’re just setting out on a journey of clearing out your workspace – start with your computer first (you do the majority of your work on it, and it being able to function properly will make you much more effective).


If you’re already happy with how your computer is working, lets delve into a few more ways that you can Spring clean your office and in the process, make yourself much more effective.


Tackle the loose things first


Have you ever heard the phrase, “tidy desk, tidy mind.” It’s a popular turn of phrase because it is largely true. People who keep a clean and tidy desk can be more productive. Less clutter around means that you can be more focused on getting your head down and getting on with the job.


Tackle your physical desktop by only keeping the absolute minimum you need on it. Tidy away all of the miscellaneous cables that you collect over time, utilise desk draws as much as you can to keep tidy staplers, pens, calculators and hole punches.


Absolutely get rid of any loose paper you have laying around. This brings us on to…


Set up a decent filing system


Spend some time actually thinking about the best way to set up a filing system, and more specifically a filing system that you will use.


Whilst the vast majority of documents that we all use day to day for work are digital, paper hasn’t gone away entirely yet. There will be an occasion when you will need to find something on a piece of paper and the best way to get something off your desk into a place you can find it is a decent filing system.


Not sure where to start? Get some ideas here.


Actually clean


This is a step that often gets overlooked when it comes to an office spring clean – actually clean the space.


We spend so much of our time working, that even though it might not seem it your desk and IT equipment is going to be grimy. Think about how much time each day is just spent touching your keyboard or mouse?


Wipe down all your equipment, and maybe even use one of those compressed air sprays to get some of the dirt out of gaps a cloth won’t reach. Make sure that you wipe down and sanitize your desk as well… even if you haven’t spilled coffee on it recently.


Hopefully, by following just these few small points, you will have revitalised and refreshed your workspace to a point where it makes you feel more productive whilst you’re there.


If you also think that you need to freshen up your IT, you can see the full range of services we offer here, or contact us for a no-obligations conversation here.