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The worst password crimes seen in the workplace

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  • March 04, 2024
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We’d be willing to bet that you probably use the same password for everything. The majority of people do. This is just one of the password crimes commonly committed in the workspace that we all need to do our best to solve.
It’s important to put thought and effort to getting your passwords right as these are the first line of defence for much of the data and documentation used by most businesses.
Below we’ve detailed some of the most common problems, plus a few tips that you can follow to take positive action today on improving the strength of your passwords and by extension, how well protected your data is.

Easy to guess

On of the first crimes of passwords is creating one that is easy to guess. If you have a password that is “password” or “password123” or anything like that, you should change it right away.
You should also steer away from passwords that it would be easy to guess about you, so avoid using things like your kids names or your favourite football team.

Shared passwords

It can be the case that some account you use for particular jobs might have more than one user. This could include things like marketing tools or specialised software.
Where possible it’s always best to give people different login details and for these to be held individually. Where this is not possible, make sure that the password is stored securely and only shared with those who need it. Do not write the password on a post it note and leave around the office!

Not regularly updated

The final trap to avoid falling into is not updating your password frequently enough. It is possible that you are one of the many people who end up using the same password or group of passwords many times over.
Don’t fall into this trap as it opens you up to some vulnerabilities if one of your passwords is compromised. Ensure that you are using different passwords wherever possible.

Top tips to avoid these problems

The three common problems with passwords are detailed above, however they can be overcome with a few quick tips.
The first is to make sure that you’re using super strong passwords. Make sure that you’re not using any passwords that are easy to guess and that you have a good combination of letters, numbers, capitals, lower case and special characters. Most of the time you will now be prompted to create a password like this.
If you find it hard to come up with unique passwords then using a password manager may help. There are plenty of tools out there for use that you can explore.
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