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Things to do in January as a business owner

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  • January 11, 2023
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So there we are, the Christmas and New Year celebrations for 2022 are now done and we are swiftly approaching the middle of the first month of 2023. It really is scary how quickly time moves.
Unless you took an extended break over the festive period (lucky you) then you’ve probably got yourself back in the office and with your feet firmly under the desk.
If you’ve used the first week back to get some of the admin out of the way, we’ve pulled together two tips and one task to work on in January.

1. Taxes

We will get the obvious task out of the way first, taxes. Most, if not all, business owners will need to do a self-assessment tax return each year. Hopefully, this does not come as a surprise to you.
Whilst this is not a big or glamourous task it is important. Make sure this is scheduled high up your agenda to file by the end of the month. Or check that you’ve shared all the necessary documentation with your accountant to tackle this for you.

2. Set goals

So onto the more interesting points. It goes without saying that a new year is a very obvious time to turn the page and set down some clear intentions. There is a reason that new years resolutions are so popular. But why do they just have to be for people? Why not set some for your business?
Now is the perfect time to think about setting goals for your business in the year ahead. These could be anything and will obviously be unique to your business. However, common areas of goal setting include turnover for the year, number of clients acquired or retained, hitting a particular profit margin, opening a new branch or office, developing a new product or service.
Whatever you do, make sure your goals are written down and that they have specific targets against them that can be measured. SMART goals are a cliche, but they work for a reason.

3. Remove obstacles

Once you have your goals written down the other thing to focus on is removing obstacles. No, we aren’t talking about bits of office furniture that get in the way. Think about the things that are stopping you from achieving those goals.
For example, your goal may be to increase client retention this year by 20%. To hit this goal then you’ll want to think about the things that could stop you from achieving it.
Think about the reasons why clients haven’t renewed in the last year. Maybe there is a snag in your business systems which means there is a breakdown in communication at some point. If this is the reason, could an IT system be put in place to remove the obstacle to your overall goal?
You’d be surprised how many business obstacles can be overcome by good IT systems and processes.
If once you’ve set your goals you think there are some IT issues holding you back, Webby Tech are here to help. Contact us today for a no-obligations conversation or see the services we can offer you here.