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What is a ticket system and how does it work

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  • July 27, 2023
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If you’ve been in the working world for a while, its likely that you’ve faced your fair share of IT issues. For many of us now, these are very accepted and run of the mill frustrations of our daily working life.
If you’ve come across an IT issue then you’ve probably come into contact with a ticket system. But have you ever wondered what they are and why they are so ubiquitous with the resolution of IT issues?
Today we discuss what they are and how they are used to resolve IT issues quickly and smoothly.

What is a Ticketing system?

A Ticketing system is simply a way of recording, organising and prioritising IT service requests. Service requests can range from a particularly persistent bug on the computer, all the way to not being able to connect to your network printer.
It allows for IT departments or outsourced IT teams to see all of the issues in front of them, prioritise the issues that need dealing with first and ensure that no IT issues fall through the cracks.

Why use a Ticketing system?

There are 3 good reasons to think about using an IT Ticketing system. The first is that it helps your IT be more efficient. They will be able to see all the IT problems in front of them and then prioritise problems in order of urgency.
By extension this leads to number two. The ticket system will keep good records and provide you with plenty of data to understand IT problems that keep coming up. This means that you may be able to identify areas of training for staff on issues that are coating you time and money.
Finally by implementing a ticket system it gives staff a level of autonomy and ownership over their IT issues. By raising tickets themselves and talking to IT directly it can avoid unnecessary bottlenecks.

Components of a Ticketing system

If you’re reading this then it’s unlikely that you’ll be running the Ticketing system yourself, but you may be getting in house our outsourced IT to develop and implement one for you.
Features to look out for and discuss include:
  • Ensuring the ticket requested are all stored and assigned centrally,
  • The option to create tickets from various platforms including Web and mobile,
  • Automated responses and updates,
  • Communications tracking (usually by email) between employees and the IT team,
  • Data for analytics and reporting
If you don’t run a Ticketing system for your IT issues yet then it’s likely that you handle IT issues in house. You’re probably well aware of the downtime this can lead to. Looking to outsource some of your IT processes may be a really good option in this case. Read more about how to outsource your IT here.
If you’re ready to get started with outsourced IT, Webby Tech are here to help. Learn about the range of services offered here, or have a no obligations conversation with us today.