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Four tips to improve your business this summer

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  • May 18, 2023
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As we hurtle towards the summer, it’s easy to think that this will be a quieter time for business and to take your foot off the pedal. However, all things considered, the summer is a great time to improve your business. There are thing to keep and eye on that aren’t always obvious – we’ve set out some of those below.
There are a number of challenges that come with running businesses in the summer. In this blog we’ve set out some of the common business challenges and how you can both be aware of them and tackle the challenges as they arise.

Beware of the heat

You’ll remember the incredible hot spell that we had in the summer last year. It made the UK feel more like the Mediterranean than the usual rainy island it is. Plenty of people enjoyed the heat, but that extreme heat is not the friend of computer equipment.
We wrote a full blog on tips to keep your IT equipment protected from the heat. If we’re going to enjoy anything like that this summer, it’s well worth reviewing and putting actions in place.

As a summary, try to keep your IT our of direct sun. Make sure it has function cooling equipment, and if it is overheating power the equipment down for a bit.

Beware of moisture

On the flip side of heat is moisture – and we’re thinking about this in two ways.
1 – additional drinks on your desk to keep you cool.
2 – extra humidity in the air due to the natural weather or air conditioning units.
On point one, it’s pretty simple. If anything spills mop it up quickly. Ideally try to use drinking containers with lids or bottle tops. Hopefully a lot of this is self explanatory and shouldn’t come as a surprise.
Point two is slightly more tricky, but ultimately comes down to ensuring the equipment you’re using is properly ventilated. Give adequate space between your equipment, otherwise you run the risk (in addition to moisture problems) of having an overheating problem too.

Backup – especially if you’ll be away

Unsurprisingly, many people use the summer to head away on holiday. If you are included on those heading away, then you will naturally have less time to invest into the usual IT routines that you may go through.
This might well include doing manual backups of your work and data.
If that last statement has set alarm bells ringing in your head, it’s time to use the summer to set that right. Move away from manual back ups and look at the many solutions for automatically backing up your data. You’ll thank yourself you did it.

Get organised

For many businesses, they experience a lull in the summer. Or at least a slightly quieter period. If you’re a business owner and you find yourself having less demands put on your time, it’s worth using the summer to get yourself organised.
We wrote our last blog with the May Bank Holidays in mind – but this still very much applies over the summer. Use the down time to work on improving some of the processes that occur in your business, be that onboarding, retention, finance or IT.
If you’ve been inspired to take action now to address some of the issues noted above, Webby Tech are here to support you. Understand the ways we can support you here or book a no obligations conversation with us today.