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How to improve your Microsoft usage

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  • June 14, 2023
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It will hardly surprise you that Microsoft is the most popular computer operating system in the world.
Most of us will likely have come into contact with it in our working lives, even if we tend not to use it as default personally. This is for good reason. For a long time Microsoft software has been the market leader for business use.
This doesnt mean that Microsoft products arent without their detractors. There are of course other products on the market, and depending on your business, one of them may be a better fit for you.
However, for most people Microsoft will do the business. Here are some top tips to make it work better for you.

Customise your start menu

A little known hack for getting the most out of your use of Windows is to customise your start menu.
Why would you want to do this? This can mean making the things you need to access most regularly more accessible, and ensure that you can access them with the fewest clicks of a mouse or typing of keys. Really, it’s a way of making the way you work flow.
So how do you do it? Navigate to the start button, select settings, select personalisation and then start. This will help you get everything you regularly need on one page.

Use focus assist

Do you ever get frustrated when you’re on a video call, or in the middle of an important bit of work that needs your focus, because you’re constantly being baraged by teams and email notifications?
You can use focus assist to block out everything except the essential, to allow you to get more work done. Find it through the start menu, settings and then selct system. You can then set rules about what times you get notifications, or what you get notifications from.

Dark mode

With more of us using computers on a regular basis, and for most of our working day, it can put a significant strain on the eyes. Helpfully,  there is a quick trick that you can implement to help you out.
If you havent used dark mode before, its a game changer. This will change the majority of your screen shades of grey with the text as white – saving you from unnecessary eye strain.
Access this change through the setting tab, then toggle to personalisation and colour, before selecting “dark.”

Keep software up to date and follow security best practice

It goes without saying that your IT user experience can be vastly improved when you feel reassured of the software and devices that you are using.
We are advocates for the use of good cyber security practices and this extends all the way to the software you use for your work.
Always ensure that you are running updates and using the most up to date version of software. Yes it can be annoying and take time out of your day to update, but it’s much better than losing more time later trying to recover data.
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