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  • July 11, 2024
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You don’t need us to tell you that technology has absolutely transformed the world over the last thirty years. Now with fast and light laptops, smart phones and cloud based software we can work more flexibly and efficiently than ever before.
Looking back just 10 years and the technological landscape of work is vastly different. You need only see the vast changes to business that social media has brought, or what AI is likely to do in the coming years.
Today we are looking at some of the essentials of what you need to work effectively in the modern workplace. Hopefully none of these will come as a surprise, but these are a few piece of tech you should definitely have.

Laptop and smartphone

This is the absolute bedrock of being able to work in the 21st century. With a laptop you can do almost any job that requires you to have access to IT – and you can probably do it from anywhere (more on that shortly).

But having that smartphone is equally important. This isnt just about being able to access emails on the go – as helpful as that may be. To have good security features like 2 factor authentication, a smartphone is often a must.

Wireless headphone or ear buds

A good chunk of the work you will do – especially if you’re a business owner – will involve meetings. Now that meetings can be organised virtually and at short notice many of them will take place as video conferences.
It’s difficult to have a conversation in an open office or public cafe, let alone a meeting. To help you out it’s well worth investing in a decent pair of wireless headphones.

Cloud based software

Most operating systems are now Cloud based, so alongside the portability of devices, there is the ability to access work from anywhere and with anything that has the ability to connect to the Internet.
We have written before about the significant benefits of using the cloud, if this isn’t something you’re already using in your business then it’s time to start.

Portable charging port

It’s all very well having devices that can run anywhere, but what if you’re nowhere near a power source? This could leave you in a very difficult position in the event that your work device runs out of power – how are you going to work now?
Helpfully over recent years Portable charging ports have become more common place and more efficient and lightweight. Its well worth getting hold of one to keep in your work bag for emergencies.
Remember that the above is just a baseline about what you need to work effectively. There are a whole host of other things that can help you to be really effective with your IT systems and processes. You can see a full range of services that WebbyTech offer here, or contact us directly for a no obligations conversation here.