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How to make Microsoft 365 work better for you

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  • April 29, 2022
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Despite the rise in popularity of the Google product suite in some workspaces, Microsoft 365 remains the leader for many when it comes to work software.
It includes all of the classics we’ve known for years. Word, Excel, and even the often-maligned PowerPoint. Yet in addition to these, the suite has expanded in recent years to include products like Sharepoint.
Without a doubt, the combined power of these products will always beat out when they are used alone. So today we are covering a few tips to help make your use of Microsoft 365 more productive.

Outlook tips

First of all, let us think about Outlook because email is for many of us still the workhorse of our day-to-day tasks.
There are a few things that you can do to power up your email game on Microsoft 365. The first tip is to utilise the feature to recall an email. In the fast-paced work world that many of us live in these days, mistakes happen and the opportunity to pull an email back once it’s gone out can be a useful thing to do. You can see a full rundown of how to action this here.
Another way that you can work more effectively with Outlook is by setting up templates to speed up how you use your email use. This is especially true if you work in a role like HR, sales or on specific administrative tasks that repeat frequently. There is additional specific advice on how to set up templates here. Having those saved templates will help to smash through those repetitive tasks.

Sharepoint and One Drive

If you regularly work on projects, documents or anything really with other people it makes sense to start making use of Sharepoint and One Drive. Gone are the days of having everything messily saved to your desktop, so that when you are struck down ill or away on holiday – everything comes to a grinding halt.
Leaning into cloud solutions for document storage really encourages and aids collaboration in the workspace, making everyone’s lives easier. Check out our previous blog on the benefits here. Trust us, once you’re onboard you won’t be going back.

Microsoft Teams

This is a much-underused tool still, given what many of us have experienced through the COVID-19 pandemic. You shouldn’t just think about this as a way of tying yourself into video calls throughout the day. Make sure you make use of the chat function as well. Chat within MS Teams is a good way to keep connected with colleagues across your team and elsewhere in the business, it’s also great for resolving quick issues and questions without having to have a full-blown meeting.
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