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IT systems to fall back on

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  • September 28, 2022
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If like us, you’ve started to notice to chill in the air then you might also be thinking about next month when the clocks go back.


Yes, it is a blissful day when we all get an extra hour of sleep, but time isn’t the only thing that can fall back.


In your business, there will be plenty of IT systems that you need to fall back on. If they aren’t up to date, or if you’re focusing on the wrong thing, then you might end up in a situation where you are losing important information related to your business.


Want to make sure your systems are up to date? These are the top systems we think you should be able to fall back on.


Data backup


The first, easiest, and best thing that you should be developing as a fallback for your business is a backup to your data. Many businesses rely on data these days, and not protecting it is a bad move. This is, even more, the case when we consider that there are a multitude of solutions available, and very reasonably priced, that can suit everyone’s needs.


Options include cloud backup, external hard drives and many more. At the same time, it would be prudent to think about investing in a password protection tool (and actually using it!) to give you an added layer of security and extra peace of mind. There is no point in sourcing the very best backup to your data if you’re going to leave the proverbial “keys on the table.”


You can read more about different options that are open to you when it comes to protecting your data, or the data of your clients, in this previous blog.


Develop a disaster recovery plan


If you’ve done the basic work of putting in place a backup system for the data that you hold in your business, the next thing to focus on is putting in place a disaster recovery plan – you’ll want one in place if everything hits the fan.


Things to think about when you’re developing a plan will obviously include backups to your data (which you hopefully have already started to think about), but you’ll also want to think about how to replace or repair software, hardware (laptops, phones) and even cables if disaster were to strike. Remember that there is no, one size fits all disaster, so you’ll want to think about different situations and different plans or plan segments that you can roll out and implement if you need to.


By no means should this brief paragraph be all that you focus on for a disaster recovery plan, it is often best to work with a trusted and specialised partner when developing a plan like this. You can see how WebbyTech is able to support this work here.


Inspired to review your IT and see how you can use it to keep on top of your systems? WebbyTech are here to help. Understand how we can help you here, or contact us for a no obligations conversation here.