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Why you should have a backup solution for your business

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  • September 29, 2021
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In our last blog we wrote about the benefits of working from anywhere. Whilst that ability to work from anywhere does give you an extra element of freedom – that does also come with some risks. Chief amongst these is your backup solution not working, which if the worst happens, could leave you seriously out of pocket and possibly out of action for a couple of days.

Not what you want as a small business owner, that’s for sure.

So today, let’s explore what are backup solutions and why are they going to save your bacon if you fall victim to a data loss problem in your business?

What is a backup solution?

So first of all, what is a backup solution? A backup solution is an application that enables the backup of files, folders, documents or data. This type of software enables the creation of exact duplicate computer files. This exact duplication is vital for restoring original files in the event of an accidental error, file corruption or an unplanned disaster.

Fast recovery

Creating backup copies of your data and files means that you recover your work more quickly and efficiently than you would be able to without these in place. To do this most efficiently, you will want to ensure that you are setting up your data to backup at regular intervals – weekly or daily are quite common – so you can turn to these backups if disaster hits.

One thing to note is that the more time that passes between backups the more likely it is that you will experience some type of loss. It is worth thinking about the type of work you do and how regularly a backup would be beneficial.

Cost savings

As will all things in life and business, data loss has a financial cost associated with it. Failure to get your business back up and running quickly could cost you orders or lost billable hours whilst trying to resolve the issue. Not taking adequate care of customer and client data could also result in some sort of financial implications. The important thing to remember here is that poor backup planning could cost you more than lost time.

Making sure you’re competitive.

Surprisingly, the result of having a solid backup solution in place makes your business more competitive. In the event of a disaster, you want to make sure that you can minimise the time and expense that you would have to incur to set the problem right. Having a backup solution puts you on the right path to bouncing back from problems very quickly.

Once you have your business backup solution in place you’ll be unstoppable. Regardless of what gets thrown at you, malware attack, human error, natural disaster – you can sit, safe in the knowledge
that you have a recent backup and can get back onto your feet quickly and hassle-free.

To understand how Webby Tech can help you and your business put in place the solutions you need to protect yourself from loss. Learn more about our backup solutions here, or contact us today here.