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How to run a business from anywhere

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  • September 15, 2021
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There are plenty of good reasons why you might want to build a business that can be run from anywhere. At the time of writing (September) the weather has turned and the prospect of logging in remotely from sunnier climes is an attractive one.

The fact of the matter is that this is a distinct possibility for many businesses. Perhaps, because of the pandemic, working abroad is currently not as possible as it once was. However, there are many reasons that running your business from anywhere could have real benefits to you and your employees.

But to do this effectively, there are a few things that are worth getting in place.

Utilising the right technology

The first step to take, if your mission is to work from anywhere, is to make sure you’re using the right technology. When it comes to IT for your business this is easily split down into two sides – hardware and software.

Hardware wise, you’ll need the basic tools of modern business – the laptop and mobile phone. Just think about how you’ll be able to plug these tools into screens or other devices to make them more useful on the go.

When it comes to software cloud based programmes such as Microsoft 365 is going to be your friend. We’ve written before about why its such a powerful tool to use.

Now, whilst on the subject of the cloud…

Making use of the cloud

Lean into the cloud for your data storage needs. Because if you’re running a business, even a small one, from a phone an a laptop – you’re going to have data storage needs.

Using a cloud storage system will help in this respect. So long as you have a connection to the internet you will be able to store and access files off of your computer securely. This will give you and your team the flexibility to work on documents from wherever you are in the world.

There are a great many benefits of using the cloud – here are some of our favourites.

Outsourcing your IT support

A final thing that you can do that would support running a business from anywhere is outsourcing your IT. Not only will it take away a serious headache that can be created when a business owner has to deal with IT, it will free you up.

When you outsource your IT, you’re free to focus on the things that you love. The things that you’re good at. The things that really help you to build your business. It really is worth thinking about this in tandem with getting the right software and hardware in place.

Hopefully the ideas set out above give you the confidence to think about how you can make a switch away from having a static base of work. The top tips shared in this blog are just a starting point. If you would like to explore other ways that you can be helped to free yourself from working in one location, WebbyTech are here to help.

As a starting point, learn about the areas of IT support that we are able to offer, and get ready to boost your business today.