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Moving your services to Microsoft Office 365

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  • April 19, 2018
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Moving your services to Microsoft Office 365

Are you confused by the options available, or avoided moving over to Office 365 because of the complexity? Maybe you think you have too many users or are worried about losing data? We can allay your fears and provide a hassle free migration, taking care of everything step by step.

WebbyTech have helped many clients make the switch to Office 365 and for a variety of reasons, from wanting to move to a more current platform, to benefiting from a more feature rich, scalable environment to the cost savings to be had.

Engaging with WebbyTech for your email and/or application migration can offer you many benefits:

A collaborative approach

WebbyTech experts will first audit the site to perform pre-migration planning and checks. Requirements are documented and tested, with no action taken until approved by the customer.

Minimal disruption

Your staff can leave on Friday night and when they come back on Monday, the migration will be complete. This ensures you that there will be minimal impact on the staff.

Safe and secure

We prevent data loss by automatically preserving large attachments, monitoring the progress to produce regular reports throughout the process to ensure the security of data.

Make improvements

Take the opportunity to improve systems – update permissions, change inboxes to shared where necessary.  We will de-duplicate data and our software flags up corrupted files to tidy up your systems.  We’re here to help you configure mobile devices so that you can stay connected on the go too!

Feel supported

We can have a member of our team working in your office when the changeover goes live so that your staff can come to them with any queries or problems.

You’re in safe hands

WebbyTech are a Microsoft Partner with a proven track record of over 50 migrations to Office 365 completed over the last 12 months.

Don’t delay anymore!  For further information on how WebbyTech can make your migration smooth and hassle free, contact us on 0333 320 7335