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Technology Tips for heading back to school or the office

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  • September 02, 2021
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You’ve probably noted a slight drop in temperature the last few days, and now that the last Bank Holiday before Christmas has passed everything is signaling one thing. It’s time to head back to school and back to the office*.

*Note when we say “back to the office” this may very well be figuratively. We’ve written plenty over the last year about returning to the office, but also hybrid ways of working and the benefits that this may have for yourself and your staff.

Now with all of the uniforms and pencil cases purchased, there are a few other more technology-focused things you may wish to consider – as these could seriously help productivity and comfort when using technology in your household.

Protect your eyes and make sure you can focus

We all spend a lot of time in front of screens. You’re going to be in front of one as you read this now. With all of this time spent in front of screens, it can create significant problems with the strain it puts on our eyes. It’s well worth investing in glasses with a blue light shield to protect your eyes and help you to focus on the screen.

Another tech tool that can help you to focus is a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. These can be invaluable for keeping the distractions of home at bay and are available very affordably.

Keep to task

With all of the tools in place to help you to focus, you’ll also want to think about some of those handy applications that can keep you to the task. Time management apps are well worth looking at to keep you on deadlines – even something simple like a Pomodoro timer can be helpful to keep on track.

Another thing that can be invaluable – especially with multiple people working in the home – is a WiFi booster. No one wants to get distracted from homework or drop off from a meeting unexpectedly. Much like some of the other items discussed in this blog, WiFi boosters are very readily available now and are well worth an investment.

Make sure you’re comfortable

An often-overlooked investment is one made for our own comfort. It isn’t something that is often top of mind, however, if you’ve got an uncomfortable desk chair, or mouse or keyboard – you’ll know about it.

Making sure you’ve got the support to do your work comfortably will make all of the difference. It will put less of a strain on your body and will mean you’re less distracted and less likely to break away from the desk mid-task. Much like the blue light lenses discussed above, we spent a lot of our time working with screens and at desks – making sure it doesn’t damage your body is imperative.

So admittedly these are just a few tips about how to improve your comfort when getting back to work or school. The other side of making you as productive as possible is ensuring your IT is in great condition as well.

If you have any concerns or questions on this front, we’d love to help you out. Find out more on how WebbyTech work here.